Top 5 Apps for Staying Fit and Healthy!

I’ve started to notice during family gatherings that we are all on our phones. Why not put them to good use to reclaim your health and fitness? There are many health apps that are available on smart phones to improve your health. Find out which ones are the top 5 Apps for staying fit and healthy, and try the ones that are best suited for you. These apps contain a range of information from nutrition, workout programs, and even the quality of your sleep cycle. The right app can help you meet your fitness goals.


Top 5 Apps for Health and Fitness


Top 5 Apps for Staying Fit and Healthy!

  1. Itriage-According to modern medicine, iTriage is #1 on the list! The app is a great starting point for searching health answers. Patients can find information on medication, conditions, and even procedures. They can also locate the nearest doctors and facilities in case of an emergency.
  2. Fooducate-This app will allow you to scan the barcode on your food to really see if it’s healthy. It will assign a grade between A through F and provide you with a list of better choices. The app provides a calorie count but also healthy recipes and daily tips. What’s better than involving the community as well!
  3. Nike+ Training Club-Set your own program length and choose from over 100 workouts from Nike master trainers including pro athletes and celebrities. There are more than 85 instructor narrated fitness routines.
  4. HealthyOut-Give your self a break once in a while! Being healthy and staying fit doesn’t mean you have to give up on eating out. This app allows you to search local takeout, delivery, and eat in menus with heart healthy, high in protein, and low calorie foods from local restaurants.
  5. 7 minute workout challenge-Only seven minutes to spare? Not a problem! The American College of Sports medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal recently published a research article on how 7 minutes of intense exercise can be effective. The seven minutes include jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups, abdominal crunches, and step-ups onto a chair.
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