Lumo Posture Coach, Remember Not To Slouch

Does your back hurt after a long day? Do you have aches that just make on the go activities difficult? Chances are, your posture may be incorrect. Improper posture, or slouching, leads to back pain, headaches, and even jaw pain. That’s right! All this hassle just because you didn’t stand up straight. Luckily, Lumo has placed a brand new product on the market, the Lumo Posture Coach. Designed to help people like you and me, this product integrates advanced technology to fix posture for the long-run.

How Does It Work?

The Lumo Posture Coach, officially identified as the Lumo Lift, is a small clip that can be attached on to clothing with the aid of a magnet. It incorporates a feedback mechanism whereby the machine will send subtle vibrations when the individual’s posture is improper. The Lift has a patented bioengineering monitoring sensors which detect when the individual begins slouching, this is done by measuring the angle displacement. It then projects a vibration, which can be customized according to one’s preference, that will alert the individual to straighten up. The Lumo Posture Coach is actually a coach, in the sense that it corrects you when you’re slouching. This device has great use for people who are on the go and don’t have time to pay attention to their posture. With the aid of the Lift, these individuals can maintain their spinal alignment and potentially prevent body pain.

So How Much Does It Cost?

You can purchase  your very own Lumo Posture Coach for $79.99. This price includes the sensor, three clasps, and a usb charging dock. Not bad for the latest fitness technology, huh? Everyone likes customization though, which is why Lumo offers a bundle package for $109.99. This bundle includes the same features as the basic plan, but also has a colored clasps pack with over 8 different colors. The Lumo Posture Coach is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and more, so their is a fine process of integration between the product and your phone. The product counts your steps and calories, gives vibration feedback, and tracks your progress. Furthermore, the Lift lasts up to five days on charge! That’s a solid deal for the price!

Lumo Posture Coach – The New Machine For You?

So I’ve told about all the features of the Lumo Lift and how much it costs. I think that the operant conditioning mechanism that Lumo employs is exceptional because it pushes you to fix your posture. Most of us don’t pay any attention to the way we’re sitting or standing, in fact, slouching has become habituated in our daily routine. The negative impact of improper posture is not that visible in the short-term unless you start to get back pain. The beauty of the Lumo Posture Coach is that it tracks your progress in real time, allowing you to fix your posture then and there. It’ll be interesting to see the impact of the Lift in the market and society!

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