CrossFit Cross-Training Benefits YOU!

CrossFit has become almost an obsession within the past few years. It is a gym system that puts its primary focus on cardio training as well as strength training through high intensity conditioning regiment. This type of work-out regiment is referred to as cross-training and uses different “workout of the day” (WOD) to get you into shape. Today there are over 9,000 of these gyms worldwide and hundreds and thousands of devoted members and growing every day. On top of obviously helping shed calories, other benefits include an increase in joint mobility and cardiovascular conditioning.

Joint Mobility 

Joint mobility is the possibly range of motion in the primary joints— which are the ankles, hips, thoracic spine and shoulders. The increase in joint mobility that Crossfit cross-training has you doing is a result of the varied movements involved in a workout of the day. For example, you are not simply doing simple bicep curls, but also moving your limbs in all different directions. This will allow movements to be maximized and joints to go stronger and more flexible. Another benefit is that by learning the proper ways to lift heavy things off the floor and hold them overhead, the risk of an injury in everyday life will significantly decrease.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Cardiovascular exercises are one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight and get healthy. At CrossFit, the exercises try to maximize your training in this. Your heart rate will remain elevated throughout any given workout, which in turn can increase your endurance. Recent research from a study from the American Council on Exercise showed that participants’ heart rates were elevated to 90 percent of maximum heart rate (HRmax), this can be sustained throughout two cross-training workouts. Fitness industry guidelines suggest a HRmax between 64 to 94 percent in order to improve cardio endurance. Scientists also found that individuals averaged 80 percent of VO2max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilize during intense exercise- guidelines suggest 40 to 85 percent of VO2max for improving cardio fitness and body composition.

Calorie Loss 

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of CrossFit is how incredibly effective it is at burning an extremely high number of calories in a short period of time.  One typical cross-training workout lasts about an average of 10 to 20 minutes, but your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) remains elevated long after the workout of the day is over, which means you’ll still be burning calories even when you’re resting after a workout.

Due to all of these reasons and more, it would be easy to check out a CrossFit gym near you today, and see how it can change your lifestyle.

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