Over-parenting , harmful or helpful

Over-parenting research

Researchers use this term when referring to a parent’s excessive levels of involvement, control, and problem solving, in the service of the child’s well-being.
The latest studies show that over-parenting may lead to a child’s poor coping skills,  which amplifies stress and anxiety.

 The motivation of the parents

Some parents may put their own emotional needs ahead of the child’s developmental needs.  Many parents try to maintain the connection they had when their kids were younger; it strengthens the illusion that the adults aren’t aging after all.  and it keeps the
adults from having to carve new roles for their own post-parenting lives.

When children become young adults

Several characteristics may be attributed to over-parenting :

1) increased self doubt

2) procrastination

3) overachieving

4) perfectionism

5) rebellion

6) expecting others to take responsibility for solving  challenges


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