Do something about your low Testosterone!

There are many men who may be experiencing medical problems associated with levels of low testosterone. The best thing to do is to be aware of this problem as quickly as possible and to not be afraid to speak up. You are not alone. In a recent article, by Dr. Mike Heart, through the Huffington Post he provides you with 10 ways to keep testosterone levels high in men. Here are them summarized below:

1) Drink water from glass
2) Avoid soy
3) Be cautious and smart about your alcohol intake.
4) If you can replace beer with another drink, go for it!
5) Get adequate amounts of sleep in a comfortable location.
6) In order to minimize the stress in your life: be active! Get a gym membership! Socialize! Think positively.
7) Maintain a healthy weight and get rid of excess body fat.
8) Eat foods rich in zinc.
9) Eat healthy fats
10) Openly discuss with your partner about any sex related issues and maintain a healthy sexual life.

Act fast and be active! You can go to the doctor for medication or you can even start at home as we speak! Treat your testosterone levels today.


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