Opternative Eye Exam, Take It At Home

In the generation of virtual doctor visits and shipped groceries, why should we still go in to complete a routine eye check? The new Opternative Eye Exam allows individuals to asses their vision right from home.

How Does It Work?

In order to complete the exam, a smart phone and computer is required and takes roughly 25 minutes to complete. The devices work together as a two-screen experience wherein the phone is a remote and the computer displays the exam. The patient has to answer a series of interactive questions based on ophthalmological images and vision tests. Once the questions have been answered, and the patients enter their medical history, an ophthalmologist will review the exam and will provide the necessary clinical guidance. Some individuals may believe that an exam taken at home is less accurate because “cheating” is possible. However, individuals are encouraged to respond honestly, and unlike traditional eye exams where memorizing the eye chart is a possibility, the online exam has multiple checkpoints making “cheating” difficult. In addition, clinical trials have substantiated that the Opternative Eye Exam is as accurate as traditional refractive exams.

Who Can Take the Opternative Eye Exam?

Opternative has opened the online exam to the general public. However, the company will only provide medical prescription services to patients who meet their specific health criteria. Nonetheless, anyone that signs up for the Opternative Eye Exam will be referred for a follow up to an eye care professional. If a patient has never had an eye exam done before, no prescription is required. However, if a patient seeks an updated prescription, the ophthalmologist requires a previous prescription prior to taking the exam. The company offers free exams to anyone who signs up. However, the prescriptions are not free. The prescriptions range from $40 to $60 dollars depending on the nature of the diagnosis. Opternative currently does not accept any insurances as it is a new company.

Technological Infiltration

In this generation where technology is omnipresent, there are two extremes to choose from. On the one hand, critiques suggest the negative influence of technology on society and health. On the other hand, technology is revolutionizing the way we think, live, and learn. Despite doctors advising that this generation will experience severe digital eyestrain, roughly 74% of the states have accepted the Opternative Eye Exam as a viable vision examination scheme. Online eye exams are only the beginning; with the advent of doctor HouseCall Apps, Health Tap, and vital-checking applications, technology is creating a whirlwind in the medical industry. It is interesting to see where these revolutions will steer the medical field.


To learn more about Opternative you can visit their website at  https://www.opternative.com/

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