Uber Doctor HouseCall Apps, Get Help At Home

Remember the golden days when doctors used to make house calls and treat patients at home? This ancient practice is resurfacing now thanks to new Uber Doctor HouseCall Apps such as Heal and Pager.

How do the apps work?

When we want to get somewhere quickly and don’t have our own means of transportation, we order an Uber and a car is sent our way. Similarly, these healthcare apps provide sick patients with a doctor at their doorstep. Heal users, for example, would simply download the app, enter in their information and reason for visit, and wait patiently for the physician to arrive within the hour. This app in particular charges users $99 dollars per visit, but the prices of visits vary from app to app.

In the past, doctors on house call would come in with a briefcase and stethoscope. Now, the physicians will make house calls with the latest health gadgets as well as a medical assistant. “Heal Doctors,” as they are called, are affiliated with renown medical programs such as Stanford and Columbia.

What are the Benefits?

Regardless of new innovations, the conventional method of doctor -patient interaction in the office cannot be replaced. However, the new Uber Doctor HouseCall Apps provide the convenience of in-house treatment and allow patients to escape the endless lines in clinics. In terms of price, some of the apps provide payment plans according to the amount of time the doctor spent with the patient. Although house calls limit the amount of services a doctor can provide, some physicians recommend this system because it allows them to gauge patients in their home setting. To elaborate, doctors can see how the patients live, their daily stresses, and their diet in person. The biggest benefit from the house call practice is the luxury of time that doctors have with their patients, vastly different from the current medical system.

Uber Doctor HouseCall Apps – Problems and Future


Some medical boards view such apps negatively because they take away from the conventional form of patient consultation. Similar to Uber drivers, patients may not be comfortable finding a doctor through an app because it is easier to create fraudulent information online. However, Heal and other companies have indicated that the doctors placed on these apps are acclaimed in the medical society. With the rapid advent of technology, the possibilities for change in the medical field are limitless. The advancement doesn’t stop with HouseCall Apps. In fact, there are numerous medical apps for treating simple ailments as well as virtually communicating with doctors. The smartphone is now a fundamental facet of medicine and it is interesting to see where these innovations will take the industry.

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