6 simple tips to help boost your immunity.

Have you heard of the saying, ” You are what you eat?”… If so, do you believe it? Who is the owner and protector of your body? YOU ARE! There are many ways to protect your body from harmful outside influences. A couple are 1) having good hygiene 2) vaccinations 3) food safety 4) clean water 4)  reducing stress 5) plenty of exercise and  6) eating your antioxidants. Be clean, eat clean.

1)Have good hygiene

Think you have good hygiene habits? Disease- causing germs and parasites continue to grow and multiply in different places on the human body. In order to eliminate and destroy the bacteria you can take a bath/shower everyday, wash your hands before and after meals. A crucial one is washing your hands after using the restroom. Brush your teeth when you wake up, between meals and right before you go to sleep. (Food remnants in your teeth) +  (a lack of dental hygiene) =  (food and bacteria build up) +  (an unpleasant odor).

2) Vaccinations

IMMUNIZATIONS! Immunizations help prevent serious infections. There are usually some common side effects such as a sore arm, fever etc. If you happen to be a frequent traveler being up to date with your vaccinations can be beneficial. You won’t catch a “foreign bug” and will enjoy the trip peacefully. Even if you don’t travel, keeping up with your vaccinations are important for different facilities such as schools, work etc.

3) Food Safety

Be aware of what you put in your body. If something doesn’t look “fine” don’t put it in your mouth. There are several cases of food poising that lead to severe medical conditions such as organ failure and meningitis. The way you can prevent food poisoning is by making food at home, washing your hands, rinse meat, fish, poultry before cooking, keep foods at certain acquired temperatures so bacteria doesn’t grow on them etc.

4) Clean water

Drinking fluids helps your kidneys flush out toxins in your body. The water you drink helps your blood carry oxygen to all the cells in your body. If you don’t drink a lot of water then the toxins in your body will tend to build up and eventually weaken your immune system. In addition to that, water helps keep your mouth and eyes clean, and helps digest your food (small tip: drink a glass of water before your  meals and one after your meals).  The questions is…. have you had a cup of water today?

5) Exercise

Be active and stay moving, folks! Getting your regular exercise in on a daily bases can reduce stress and lower diseases relating to the heart. Staying active at least 30 minutes a day will do wonders to your body. You can run, ride a bike, walk (with your pet or friend),  or yoga. A way to keep yourself motivated is to tell someone about your goals so they can keep up with yo35-super-foods-to-boost-immune-system-150x150u.

6) Eat your Veggies

Make sure to eat your fruits and vegetables to get a daily dose of your antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables help protect your cells from getting cellular damage. Without antioxidants the common pathway for cellular damage would be cancer and other disease. Make sure to take preventative measures at an early age to insure a healthy immunity and body.

Here is more information on ways you can strengthen your immune system.

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