Prevent childhood obesity- Helpful tips

Help prevent childhood obesity! Today’s children are tomorrow’s future! Everything we do has been focused on adults and THEIR weight loss. What do the kids get? We have to influence the kids to start eating healthy and exercising too.  Here are some tips to help them develop healthy/ long term habits.

1) Balance calories for childhood obesity

As a parent, balancing the amount of calories per meal should be your job. Make sure you know what your child is eating. Always try going with the healthier option. Try avoiding the rich/ high calorie temptations and replace them with fruits and vegetables.

2) Healthy eating habits

Make sure to make a gradual change towards eating healthy. For example, if your child eats white bread, slowly transition into wheat bread, change your whole milk into 2% milk. These small changes will make a huge impact and prevent childhood obesity. Try taking your child grocery shopping with you. This will help them be aware of all the food options they have and it could turn into a mini health lesson. Try avoiding vending machine foods, it has no additional health benefits and will ruin their appetite. Lastly,  try not to force your child to finish their whole plate. By making them finish their whole plate they will expand their stomach and won’t be full with smaller portions in the future.

3) Exercise/ stay activestaying active to avoid childhood obesity

Make sure to exercise at least 30 minutes a day! Get your children involved in sports or some type of outdoor activity. Keeping them active will promote good habits. Being involved in moderate physical activity will strengthen bones, decrease blood pressure etc. Examples of some physical activity: running, walking, playing soccer, dance etc.

4) Set a good example

As a parent, are you eating healthy and exercising too? It is really hard to tell your child to eat their greens and exercise daily when they see you ( the parent) eating potato chips while sitting on the couch and watching TV. Adult obesity correlates with childhood obesity, so make the necessary changes now before it’s too late. Your child will not feel motivated to eat right or exercise. Make sure to motivate your child and change your diet to match theirs. Children imitate everything that we do, so why not imitate the good instead of bad? Substituting a simple bag of chips to a bag of carrots will make a big difference.

5) Rest well

Sleep! Getting a good night’s rest will help you be more aware and put you in a good mood. It will promote good health and a good attitude.

Here is more information on how to prevent childhood obesity.

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