Smart Toothbrushes, Coming To Teeth Soon

Your kids don’t like brushing their teeth ?  Are they not using proper brushing technique ?   Not to worry, a company in France, called Kolibree, may be able to help.  Here’s the concept : connected smart toothbrushes.  These will help train everyone to brush teeth properly.Smart Toothbrushes

Smart Toothbrushes,  Internet of Things :

Turning ordinary household objects into connect devices is commonly known as the Internet of Things.  It seems surprising that the toothbrush would be a part of this.  Maybe everything is fair game now.

Think of it as a GPS (Global Positioning System) for your mouth.  The system makes sure you are brushing in the correct areas.  Also, the amount of time you are brushing is noted.  If you brushed for less than 2 minutes, the connected app will warn you.

A Toothbrush with Gamification :

Another product is Oral-B interactive toothbrush.  This connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.  The app corrects your bad brushing habits.  Also, you can earn achievement badges to reward proper brushing.  So, don’t press down too hard on your gums.   This one has a suggested retail price of $219.  Another feature : your dentist or hygienist can review your brushing habits with the app.

These toothbrushes should be available in stores within the next couple of months. So, talk to your dentist about these new devices to see if they will help you, or your children.  And, let your kids have fun while learning proper dental care.  If you are looking for dental care near you, be sure to check out our new Provider Directory.



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