Sleep Tips for your Health

Sleep Tips: The Cold, Hard Truth

Last year 1,550 people died due to drowsiness. The lack of sleep itself didn’t kill them; it was the decision to drive drowsy, which led to the graveyard.

Aside from car wrecks, lack of sleep can haunt you with needle pricks and plus sized clothes. I’m talking about a greater chance to become a diabetic and obese. Sleepy people are more likely to hit up Mickey Dee’s, since it doesn’t require them to cook.  Lack of sleep also lowers leptin levels responsible for controlling hunger, resulting in weight gain.

Your phone and tablet are kphoneeeping you up & giving you cancer. The body interprets blue light emitted from electronics as the sun, preventing the body from releasing melatonin. Not only does this result in insomnia, but suppressed melatonin is linked to an increased risk of prostate, colorectal, and breast cancers.

If you don’t want to die in a wreck, be relegated to the plus sized aisle, or go through chemo, then you should catch some z’s.  (Check out the sleep tips below!)

Sleep Tips: The Bright Side

Besides avoiding the aforementioned ailments, adequate sleep enhances creativity and increases stamina. If you are looking to be the next Picasso or Michael Jordan, you might just need to take a snooze.

Although scientists have identified the benefits of sleep, many of us spend our nights counting sheep. Below are sleep tips to keep you fit and focused.

Sleep tipsSleep Tips

-Skip the fluids after 8pm

(Unless you enjoy sleeping on the golden throne)

-Avoid nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals before bed

(I’m looking at you college students)

-If you need a snack, reach for dairy, nuts, seeds, bananas, honey, and eggs
(Adios, late night pizza delivery guy.)

-Read a non-light emitting e-reader or a paper book
(Gen Y, ask your grandparents about paper books)

-Write down what’s on your mind and set it aside for tomorrow
(Why worry about it today, if you can worry about it tomorrow?)

-And finally, don’t count sheep; all that counting stimulates the brain
(You probably aren’t good at math anyway.)

Sweet Dreams!


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