Wake up Naturally with Smart Alarm Clock

Ask any of my friends or family, and they will tell you that sleeping is my favorite pastime. I can nap all day, and still sleep a full 14 hours at night.
Unfortunately, between school and work, the alarm clock became my enemy. But not anymore, thanks to…

Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycles & night sounds recording, by Plus Sports

Smart Alarm Clock

By Plus Sports

This is a great app for managing your sleep patterns. When you set the alarm, Smart Alarm Clock monitors your movements using your phone or tablet’s geometers and accelerometers, detecting what sleep stage you’re in. The alarm clock goes off when your body is in the right stage to get up within the time range you set. It’s a natural way to wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

Available for iOS and Android

Available for iOS and Android

After you wake up, SAC gives you detailed statistics of your sleep cycles and stages for that night. You can also look through various graphs that track how your sleep patterns have changed over time, so you can make any changes needed to create your own optimal sleep schedule.

It also features a handy power nap mode, that monitors your sleep to wake you up before you enter deep sleep (which is when your body temperature, heart rate, and respiration drops. Waking up then would cause to you feel groggy and have low energy for the rest of the day), and no later than when your timer ends. It’s a fantastic way to get an extra boost between classes or during lunch.

Another feature I love is the recording of noise disturbances while you sleep. When I lived in a dorm, it wasn’t particularly useful in managing my sleep, since I had a very loud AC/heater that I couldn’t turn off, a roommate who seemed to think 3:00 AM is the best time to start cleaning, and several neighbors whose hobbies included screaming and throwing things at the wall, but it was very interesting to hear these disturbances when I was awake. Now that I’m at home, it’s a lot more useful, as now I know that I sleep better when the dogs are kept in the garage, and my door is closed so I don’t hear my six-year-old foster brother apparently waking up to use the bathroom every night at 3:40 AM on the dot. Also, you can save sounds to a favorites list, so you can show your friends that crazy thing you said when you were sleep talking.

Other features:
  • More than 100 special tunes to fall asleep and wake up to
  • Automatic chill out/wakeup volume
  • Weather forecast: detailed weather stats from around the world
  • Adjustable snooze time
  • Possibility to adjust volume, brightness, change chill-out tracks right on sleep screen
  • Use tracks from your iPhone or iPod’s library for falling asleep and waking up
  • Cloud data backup

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At $1.99 (for a limited time), this app is a great way to gain control of your sleep.


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