Nike Training App

While there are many apps on the market for health and fitness, Nike has made some tremendous technological breakthroughs. Introducing the Nike fuelband for the wrist, and Nike+ for your shoes, this highly- successful brand is a part of many american households. Having been on the market for about 6 years now, N+TC Training Club App is one of the ways Nike is making home workout’s easier.

The N+TC Training Club App gives you so many options that there’s no reason to skip a workout. You can select a workout based on time, intensity and type of workout. As Nike keeps up with workout trends, they adapt their workouts to involve more cross fit, yoga, or ballet styles. They really work to be customer oriented. In fact, you can listen to your own playlist while following the workouts, no longer are you stuck with cheesy aerobic music.

The app works to help you set goals for yourself. You can choose a plan and it will create a loose plan to help you get there prescribing daily workouts, stretching and rest days. Used in conjunction with Nike+ and the Nike Fuelband, Nike has developed a tri-fecta of tools that will help keep you on track at home. Give it a try yourself to see just how much Nike has put into the N+TC Training Club App!

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