Migraine Treatments, Effective and Simple Tips

We all get annoying and painful migraines that we want to get rid of as soon as we can.  Most people who randomly get these migraines suffer from more than one or two symptoms at a time and also range from four hours to multiple days.  More than 36 million cases of Americans have had this terrible migraine headache that they just want to get rid of and here are migraine treatments and tips to help you relieve the pain!Migraine Treatments

Simple tips to follow for Migraine Treatments:

1. Tracking when it hurts. Keeping a log on what you are doing or eating when you feel a migraine coming on is a good way to know what things may trigger your migraines.  Possible triggers: being around bright lights, cigarette smoke, foods with more MSG than normal, and possible drinks that you have had within the last 24 hours.

2. Knowing your allergies. Most people with chronic migraines usually have some type of allergy as in a runny nose, sneezing, or any nasal allergies. By checking with your doctor to get your allergy shot, nasal steroids, or antihistamines, this can relieve possible pain.

3. Don’t skip meals.  By having something in your belly, can help you focus more on what you need to do and saves that blood sugar decline you get from your migraine.  By having small snacks like a cup of cherries, coffee, and pumpkin seeds can help with headaches or substitute the use of Ibuprofen.

4. Worry less.  Stress has a major effect on migraines because of the built up pressure that it can put on our bodies.  Our whole body will start to hurt and in return, our migraine that was small will grow into something that could have been avoided. Take deep breathes and focus on the important things to get you through your day!

5. Your posture.  Poor posture causes tension in our back, shoulders, and neck. The pain that we get from our muscles cramping up or just being stiff can cause throbbing pain to the back of our spine and cause us our headaches.  Avoid sitting in one position for too long, sit up straight to release some tension on your lower back, or use a headset in case your around a phone for long periods of time.

Here is some more information about headaches and migraines.

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