Eye health: Their silent messages

Our eyes help express our emotions and allow us to perceive the outside world. They can also help us look inside and gauge the overall health of our bodies. According to ophthalmologist Andrew Iwach, eye health can point to larger, undetected problems of the body.

Monitoring eye health can ultimately lower your risk of developing severe diseases since the eyes often express symptoms of illnesses early on.

Eye Health:

Here are some symptoms expressed by eyes that have hidden, deeper messages associated with them.

A Persistent Stye


A stye is a raised, small reddish or white bump that occurs along the inner or outer eyelid margin. Normal styes form from blocked oil glands at the eyelash follicle and usually disappear within a month.

If the bump persists for three months or occurs repeatedly on the same spot, it can be a form of cancer – sebaceous gland carcinoma. In that case, please notify an ophthalmologist for a diagnosis.

Vanishing Eyebrows

Eye health

While eyebrows slowly fade and thin naturally with age, their premature disappearance can signal the presence of thyroid disease.

The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck below the Adam’s apple. It is an important center for the secretion of hormones that regulate body function and growth. These hormones include ones that are responsible for hair production.

If an individual has thyroid disease, hair loss typically occurs on the outer edges of the the brows (the sections that are closest to the side of the head). Hair loss also occurs on other parts of the body but because eyebrows are readily visible, it is more noticeable.

Red, Irritated Eyes


The eye contains numerous small blood vessels that make it turn red if the vessels burst and pool blood on the white part of the eye (sclera).

There are several factors that can cause the eyes to appear red or bloody. These include lack of sleep, dryness of eyes, and allergy. Red eyes could also be caused by high blood pressure.

In the case of  high blood pressure, the vessels can twist and ultimately burst – leading to the painful symptom.

Overall, monitoring your eye health can be very beneficial not only in preserving eye sight, but also general health.

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