Gene testing. Do I need it ?

Gene testing,  also known genetic testing has been getting more attention these past few years.  More and more people are being driven to get this test done.

Why is gene testing helpful ?

This is a DNA test of the chromosomes that can help detect if a person has an increased risk of developing a medical condition or  genetic disorder. This test may also tell you if other medical conditions or disorders run in your family.

How is the test done ?

There are several ways this test can be done, the first option is with a buccal smear, which consists of taking a cotton swab and collecting cells from inside your cheek.  A blood and hair sample may also be necessary.

Who can take this test?

Anyone can request this test. There has been an increase in the number of medical clinics that offer this test.  There also are test kits that can be bought from a store and done in the privacy of your own home.

What is the cost

Prices start as low as $100 and run up to $1000 and more, depending on what you are testing for. Gene testing may not tell you all there is to know,  but many people would like to know the risk of getting a medical disorder.

As many of you already know Angelina Jolie had a  double mastectomy a few months back. This was done as a preventive measure since she had discovered she was at high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer after having the BRCA gene testing.

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