Ankle sprain, things you need to know.

Ankle sprains can be very painful, most likely due to a torn ligament.  These type of injuries mostly occur when  there is a rapid shift movement of the foot.  If left untreated a sprained ankle can lead to chronic pain and weakness.


The usual symptoms for an ankle sprain is pain.  Some swelling and bruising may also occur,  accompanied by tenderness to injury site.


Ankle sprains are usually diagnosed by seeing a physician and  having an x-ray done.  This is also done to rule out the possibility of any broken bones in either the ankle or foot.

Treatment of Ankle Sprains

Sprains are best treated with the R I C E method.  Rest your ankle, do not walk on it.  If you really have to get around use the help from crutches.  Ice injured site to decrease inflammation, apply 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes.  Compress  in order to avoid swelling.  Elevate your ankle above heart level, this helps with swelling and bruising.

If your ankle sprain is severe or a broken bone is involved surgery may be your next or only option.  Some of these injuries can’t be walked off, so be careful guys.  If you do happen to injure yourself seek medical evaluation and treatment soon.

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