Synvisc, the simple knee pain solution

Synvisc, the simple knee pain solution

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple easy way to alleviate knee pain? Those morning pains and rainy day aches can go away now with Synvisc.   In fact, Synvisc  is made specifically for those with osteoarthritis knee pain. With minimal side effects and little down time- Synvisc is great option. As with any similar drug you should avoid strenuous activity for a bit following the injection.knee pain

Synvisc is extrememly accessible as it can be injected at your doctor’s office. Although it will take 3 injections to recieve the full benefits and longevity of the product it lasts up to 6 months and  is a great solution for those with daily knee pain.While fairly expensive, many people have had great success with the injection. Additionally some people have had success with their insurance partially covering the cost. What’s really fantastic about the product is that it can be injected multiple times if it works for you.

Derived from chicken combs, Synvisc is injected into the knee and releases a gel-like substance called hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a natural substance in the body concentrated in our joints, it acts as a lubricant and helps with shock absorption making it a perfect substance for joints, specifically the knee joints. Because the product is derived from chicken combs, if you are allergic to birds, feathers or eggs be aware that Synvisc may not be available for you. A more recent development for the Synvisc is Synvisc-One. Similar in construct and idea, Synvisc-One is given in only one injection rather than three.

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