9 Simple Dental Care Tips

9 Simple Dental Care Tips

As with many things, prevention is key. By taking these 9 easy and simple dental care tips you can help your teeth be in the best condition possible. Here’s a few quick tips to keeping your mouth in tip-top shape!

1) Flossing really does help, it helps to “brush” the surfaces in between the teeth getting rid of plaque, freshen breath, and help keep your teeth whiter

2) Sugar- Free gum stimulates your mouth to produce more saliva. Saliva helps to neutralize and wash away acids and sugars keeping your breath fresher and your teeth healthier

3) Mind what you’re putting in your mouth, don’t use your teeth for anything other than chewing food. Opening packages and chewing on pens aren’t great for your teeth.

4) Mouthwash isn’t a substitute for brushing and flossing but it’s a quick and easy way to kill lingering bacteria and odors. Many mouthwashes on the market are also targeted for issues such as whitening, bad breath, and dry mouth.

5) Ensuring that your using the proper equipment is crucial when it comes to dental care. Make sure your tooth brush isn’t fraying and the brush is small enough to reach all the nooks- and- crannies.toothbrush

6) Protecting your teeth from germs is just as important as protecting your teeth from injury. Using the correct mouth guard when playing sports will help protect your teeth from injury and impact.

7) Getting regular teeth cleanings is an important step in dental care. Your dentist will not only help to clean and care for your teeth but will help to prevent and solve any problems. Additionally, they can answer any questions you may have in a professional setting.

8) Smoking can really wreck havoc on you teeth. Yellowed teeth, bad breath, inflammation, and buildup of plaque and tartar are just a few side effects of smoking. By quitting you can drastically reduce the dental problems you may have while simultaneously improving your overall health.

9) Finally, watch what you are eating. Acidic foods like orange juice and coffee can stain and wear at your enamel and if you have sensitive teeth- hot and cold beverages may cause discomfort.

By applying these tips to your daily life you are improving the longevity of your teeth and improving your dental hygiene!


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