Lower back remedies

I came across a great article that has helpful tips to control back pain.  
There are various reasons that one suffers from lower back pain, some with include a strain, herniated disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, arthritis, injury or illness.

How is lower back pain diagnosed?

Diagnostic tests are used to confirm any abnormality or disease as a cause of pain.  They are particularly useful to pinpoint the source and extent of the lesion (such as a herniated disc, degenerated disc, etc which in turn assists in the diagnosis and development of an appropriate treatment plan.  Back pain is diagnosed by your physician performing a physical exam to test your range of motion and nerve function to locate the area of discomfort.  If further examination is needed your physician may order lab testing like, MRIs, X-rays or CT imaging.

Lower back remedies :

Treatment options can start from simple ice and heat applications to areas that are causing pain.  In addition to that,  physical therapy is a great way to start feeling relief.  It is important to strengthen the muscles gradually.  Getting an accurate diagnosis for the cause of back pain is critical, because different diagnoses will require very different treatment approaches. If pain still persists after ice and heat treatment and physical therapy, a medical evaluation is recommended so that  a physician can prescribe pain medication for your back pain.

How is it prevented?

Back pain can’t always be prevented but being cautions can minimize that chance of getting it.  Be careful when lifting heavy objects, and always remember to bend the knees when lifting or carrying,  and not your back.  It never hurts to wear well-fitted comfortable shoes, for you ladies out there, it’s okay to kick those heels aside once in a while.  Lastly, being at a healthy weight helps, too much stress is put on our back if we carry a bit more weight that usual.

These lower back remedies might just be what you need to start feeling better soon.

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