5 Fitness Trends to Try in 2015

Looking for fitness trends that are going to work for you this year?  Wake up everyone!  It’s 2015 and the start of our resolutions.  We all want to look good for summer, for our significant other, or most of all, ourselves!  Whether it’s starting new and fresh or continuing our lifestyle, either way is going to make you sweat.  Most people want to start their years off to a healthy start and here are 5 Fitness Trends to help you kick start your healthy journey!  Get up, get active, and happy sweating!

Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2015

1. Use what your momma gave you!  Everyone loves exercises that they can do at home with little or no equipment and where they don’t have to feel like other people are judging them. With body weight training, all you need is YOU!  Your body becomes your weights, you can get some bars as an option to maximize your workouts or you can easily take your kids to the park and use the jungle gym also.  Simple work outs for this training is working on your triceps, squats or lunges, push-ups, and burpees. This training works for cardio, strengthening, and toning your body!

2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This training requires you to be focus and intense for short intervals.  Instead of spending hours at the gym, you can cut it down to 20 minutes and still get the same results or better!  One of the best sellers for HIIT in 2014 was P90X, and it still continues to makes us better.  An example of HIIT is starting off with a 30 second brisk jog and then go right into a 30 second flat out sprint and repeating that 7 more times, so essentially it is an 8 minute workout!

3. Treadmill activities.  Now we can actually like the treadmill.  Running is the absolute old school form of keeping your body healthy, and it still works great.  Instead of running on uneven pavement and risk the chance of getting chin splints, we now have treadmill training classes that are easy on our joints, muscles, and bones!  No matter what fitness level you are at, you’re in a controlled but also challenging environment.

4. Rest and Relaxation.  The best part of working hard is the relaxation day we get off.  By pushing our body to its limits all the time, we need to also thank it by not pushing it when we don’t need to.  By over training, we risk getting potential injuries.  Instead of trying to over do it, try taking care of your body and use foam rollers, therapy balls, putting your yoga mat to use, stretch, and most importantly, sleep!

5. Go Digital.   Now a days we have an app for everything, so why not put the fit apps to use!  All of these fit apps that have been downloaded provide you with support, inspiration, guidance, and coaching.  It is a great way to keep track of what we have done and what we plan to do, logs of movement, nutrition, and sleep.

We want you to stay healthy, visit us for more tips!

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