Energy-Filled Workouts!

Everyday we need energy to get through our daily functions and tasks. The subject of gaining and maintaining energy has be popular for years now and the media has helped feed the buzz.

Companies have created products especially for creating energy for people such as drinks, powders, wrist bands, and pills. The two most popular products of these have been the energy shots and the drinks themselves. Coffee is still relevant but most people grab a Monster or Red Bull Energy drink before even thinking of going to Starbucks.

We have also been taught the other ways to getting energy such as not eating a lot of greasy foods and getting plenty of rest at night, or even taking “power” naps. But there is one more way to achieve an energy boost! Exercising!


The Energy Workouts!!

Here are 3 easy exercises to get the blood flowing and productiveness rolling!

Morning Bend energy

The morning bend is similar to doing a crunch on the floor but standing up.

Stand with feet shoulder-width distance apart. Bend the knees slightly and place hand on head. With your back being flat, bend forward until your back is parallel to the ground.


Do not over strain yourself you are not used to bending forward in this manner. Go as far as you can without feeling pain, you can gradually work your way up to bend further down.

Keep your weight in your heels and hips. Return to standing position. Do 3 sets of 10 for energy.



Wall Angel energy

The wall angle is similar to making a snow angle on the ground, but standing up.

Stand against a wall with your spine touching it from shoulders to hip. Then raise your arms parallel to the floor or straight out like the blades of an airplane.

Keeping arms and back against the wall, rotate arms upwards as far as you can, then down in the starting position.

You should look like you are making a snow angel against the wall. Do 2 sets of 10 for energy.



Side Crunch energy

This exercise can be done at the dinner table or at your desk at work!

First sit in a chair that is sturdy. Bend hands behind the head as if you were beginning a crunch on the floor. Press the elbows straight back to stretch you chest and open your lungs up.

Then keeping the back straight, bend to the left from the waist and come back into center position. Next, bend to the right from the waist and come back to center position. This equals one rep.

Do the side crunch exercise for 3 reps of 10. Remember one rep equals going to the left and right.


With these three great moves you are sure to get the energy boost you need for a productive, successful, active day!




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