5 Essential Information Resources for Travelers

Anticipation and excitement awaits travelers months before a planned trip. But just how one’s safety is always a concern in everyday life, awareness and research is needed in order to have a safe trip. This is especially true if your place of destination is outside the country. Do you need certain immunizations for your place of destination? What should you be alarmed of before visiting your destination? What will you do in case of a medical emergency? To answer these important questions , we have created a list of travel resources to use during your preparation of leaving.


Center for Disease and Control Prevention

800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)

The travel resource page for Center for Disease and Control Prevention contains a wealth of information for travelers.This resource will inform you of any current spreading diseases and immunizations you might need to receive before you travel and includes over 200 international locations. You will find recommendations for preventing potential illnesses and information on common travel-related diseases. Travel health warning and alerts on disease outbreaks worldwide are available on the site as well.


Travel.State.gov is a resource provided by the U.S. Department of State to protect Americans during their travel oversees. You can register your travel on the webpage so that your State Department can act quickly in case of an emergency. Locations of appropriate medical resources are listed for easy access in case of a sudden illness or injury while traveling overseas. Medical doctors in the area you’ll reside should be researched ahead of time.


Kidshealth.org is a non-profit website aimed at improving the health of children. The website offers a guide Staying Healthy While you Travel to help parents prepare a healthy travel for their children.  The guide contains tips for families traveling oversees and supplies to pack for kids. A Travel Tips guide is included for teens who may travel alone to take precautions.

American College of Emergency Physicians


The American College of Emergency Physicians( ACEP) is an organization supporting emergency care. Traveler’s First Aid Kit can be found among the consumer publications. The page includes recommended items to include in a travel first aid kit and recommended strategies to complete before a trip such as visiting your physician beforehand and checking your health insurance coverage at your desired destination. ACEP also offers specific medical forms to fill out before your trip in order to communicate better with foreign health care providers.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization has information on food such as A Guide to Safe Food for Travelers which contains International Health Regulations and current news updates for illnesses. This resource is intended to helping international travelers stay healthy during their trips. A map that is updated daily contains information on malaria and yellow fever internationally.


The travel resources listed are to guarantee a prepared trip with peace of mind in case of a health emergency. Medical emergencies have no time or location limits so having the right resources beforehand will save stress and allow additional time to act correctly and safely for help. It is recommended to search medical doctors and hospital locations before your trip to be prepared in case a medical emergency were to occur.

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