Vitamin Supplements: Throwing Away Money

At lease half of the adults in the United States take some form of Vitamin supplement. The reasons vary, however, commonly they are taken in hope to avoid chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease and to prolong life in general.

A few studies have been conducted over the years that suggest that vitamin supplements have some sort of effect when it comes to cancer and cardiovascular disease rates. Researchers are now saying that despite those studies, even more studies have been conducted and show that vitamin supplements have no effect. Of this, they are positive; they know that these vitamins are a large waste of money.

Changing Minds About Vitamin SupplementsVitamin Supplements

Researchers from different studies have produced opposite conclusions. Two clinical trials found slight cancer reductions among men who used vitamin supplements (specifically multivitamins). However, other studies show that beta-carotene vitamin supplements actually increase risk of lung cancer in smokers.

Similar studies show that high doses of Vitamin A and Vitamin E can be potent and even deadly. One study published shows that an excess amount of vitamin A is in direct correlation with osteoporosis. That is just one side effect of large amounts of Vitamin A, other side effects include birth defects, liver abnormalities and central nervous system disorders.

Vitamin Supplements are also taken to prevent cardiovascular disease. Minimal studies have been conducted to support this. One study suggested that cardiovascular disease prevention is benefited by vitamin supplements and that they improve cognitive function in elderly patients.

On the opposite hand, a different study of 6,000 elderly patients showed that taking vitamin supplements does not affect your chances of cardiovascular disease or improve cognitive function. Conflicting studies like these make the decision whether or not to spend money on vitamin supplements difficult.

One possible reason for the conflicting study results may be that people who take vitamin supplements generally care about their health more than those who do not take vitamins. This would account for the positive results showing a connection between vitamin supplements and prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Most recently doctors are saying that these positive results are false. A good diet and healthy weight are always necessary, but vitamin supplements are not. They cost a lot of money and you do not reap hardly any rewards from them.

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