Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Many people are curious on how, and if, hypnosis works in attaining weight loss.

Hypnosis is a temporary, altered state of consciousness but using hypnosis for weight loss is usually a two-part process.

In the first step, the therapist tries to help the patient understand their problematic behaviors, like overeating or shunning exercise. Then, while the patient is in a relaxed, impressionable state of mind, the therapist suggests altering those behaviors.

Scientific studies differ in conclusions on whether or not hypnosis is effective in weight loss. Individual reports from patients and doctors suggest that when all other weight loss methods have failed, hypnosis may be something for people to at least consider.

For patients who want to try weight loss hypnosis, keep in mind that hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy that tends to work best when people are submissive. So if a patient is overly doubtful and resistant, it most likely will not work. It’s also important to know who to go to. Although hypnosis is a safe process, it is important to seek out a licensed therapist because you will be in a compromised state while you are under hypnosis.

The most important thing to consider before using hypnosis to succeed weight loss is that its not hypnotism itself that causes the weight loss, it’s the healthy diet and exercise behaviors that hypnotism promotes in your mind. In other words, you don’t have to necessarily try hypnosis itself to attain weight loss, just set a workout schedule and a healthy diet; it’s all about the mindset you have when talking about weight loss.

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