Lose weight: most New Year’s resolution.

Millions of  peoples New Year’s resolution is to lose weight because they are not thrilled with their body or how it makes them  feel. Many people think it’s going to take lots of deprivation, extreme dieting and long hours at the gym.  Working out to lose wight is not as awful as most people think it is.

How to lose weightlose weight

The key here is to avoid overwhelming yourself, set realistic goals. Healthy eating is an essential part of a good fitness program. A person who works out a lot but does not nourish the body properly could be sabotaging or hiding the fruits of his labor.

Some people are so dedicated about getting fit that they are too aggressive at the beginning of their fitness program. As a result, they may become injured, feel a lot of soreness, or think of exercise as an unpleasant experience.

The thing most people forget is that they didn’t become deconditioned and out of shape overnight. You shouldn’t expect to become well-conditioned overnight.” Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise.

Tips and  tricks to lose weight

Adjust eating habits, it helps when you take a slow approach to this.  Still allow yourself to eat the foods you love,  just a little less at every meal. Over time, you will not only find yourself eating smaller portions, but also making healthier food choices. 

  • Break up your big goal into smaller sub-goals. For example, break up weight loss goal so that you lose a certain number of pounds by certain dates.
  • Keep a journal. Don’t obsess about it, but write down your progress once in a while, or clip out inspirational articles, quotes, pictures and place them in your journal. When your feeling bummed about your goal, you can look through your book and get revved up again.
  • Most importantly is keeping active, every little bit of extra steps will help you lose weigh and maintain it off.

Visit your family physician for more help with weigh loss.

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