15 Hunger-busting foods !

Here are great hunger-busting foods.  Check out these 15 items if you’re interested in getting slim .  Well, I came across this useful information to help fight off fat.  Try substituting most of the carbs,  such as the white breads that you eat, with some of these fat-fighting foods.  Remember,  the feeling off fullness is one important part of reducing your total calorie intake each day.

Hunger-Busting Foods : Protein >>>

Protein lasts longer in your stomach while it is getting digested, thus keeping you satisfied longer in comparison to carbs.  Plus, your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs.

Some foods high in protein:

Greek Yogurt (Oikos) – 5.3oz = 15g of protein

Quinoa – 1cup = 8g of protein

Nuts – high in protein plus heart-healthy fats and fiber

Lean meats – skinless chicken breast, 3-4oz of lean flank steak, eye of round, and top sirloin

Fish – good source of protein and omega3-fatty acids

Beans – great source of protein and fiber

Garbanzo beans – 1cup = 15g of protein


Keeps you satisfied longer by taking up more room in the stomach.

Grapefruit – good amount of soluble fiber

Watermelon- high in water content

Pears- high in water content and fiber

Berries – high in water content and fiber plus are sweet,  to satisfy your sweet tooth

Raw veggies – high in water content and fiber

Baked sweet potato – has good fiber content

If you are looking for help in finding a weight loss program ,  make sure it is physician-directed.  This will ensure that your weight loss goals are met safely and in the correct time-frame.

Ask your doctor before beginning any diet.

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