How to avoid the silent killer

High blood pressure is the or one of the leading medical conditions that affect millions of people world wide. Statistics show that just in the US, 67 million people have this condition, that’s 1 in every 3 adults that is affected.  How can high blood pressure be avoided?

Lose it

High blood pressure usually affects people who tend to be overweight.  The more fat you carry the more strain for your heart. Even taking a short walk a couple times a week can make a difference.

Eating  right

Be self conscious of what you eat,  and eat in moderation.   It is encouraged that we all eat healthy and watch our salt intake, not just for high blood pressure but for our overall health.

Seek treatment

If dieting and exercising alone is not helping lower or control your blood pressure, seek medical help.   If left untreated high blood pressure can lead to other health problems as well.

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