birth control

7 Great Things About Birth Control

When used correctly, birth control is a reliable source to protect you against unplanned pregnancies. But did you also know that birth control has a lot of other amazing social and lifestyle perks fo...

Taking Your Blood Pressure Medication

When patients with high blood pressure fail to take their blood pressure medication as directed it puts them at an even greater risk of having a stroke and having fatal consequences.

Sleep Deprivation Leads To Cravings

After performing a study, UC Berkeley researchers discovered that sleep deprivation makes high-calories foods significantly more desirable. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), the res...

New Anxiety Study Reveals New Information

In this anxiety study, researchers aimed at verifying if an exposure to stress very early during development could also lead to increased consumption of comfort food in adult life, and if increased a...

Anemia Drug Recall

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and Affymax Inc. have voluntarily announced an anemia drug recall for the Omontys (peginesatide) injection, a drug used for anemia treatment in kidney dialysis patients, bec...

Breast Cancer Survival Predictor

Scientists in Columbia University have developed a new model to predict breast cancer survival, they said that their work could lead to improved diagnosis and prognosis for all types of cancer.

Unnecessary Heart Tests

An echocardiogram is a heart test that many patients get, but actually don’t need according to researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.