Obese Male Fertility

1 in 3 Americans is obese, this not only effects health but for men it can also have an affect on male fertility.

Obesity and Sperm

There appears to be a direct relationship between a man’s weight and his semen quality and male fertility. But a new study from Paris has shown new light on the male fertility. In this meta-analysis of 14 prior studies and 10,000 subjects, new facts were put forth on the obesity and infertility issue.

The study found that obese men are 42% more likely to have low sperm counts than men of normal weight. The study also found that obese men are 81%  more likely to be sterile (have no ejaculated sperm) than men of normal weight. According to the study for every 20 pound increase in a man’s weight there is a 10% increase of having a chance of being sterile.

Researchers from Harvard collected semen samples from 99 mostly (71%) overweight or obese infertile men and assessed the fat intake in their diets over the previous year. In the study the researchers included the weight in the analysis but they did not consider conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol issues and sedentary lifestyle that are associated with being overweight. The fact that most of the men were obese and all were infertile also complicated the study. Ultimately, such “details” have been known to kill a study over time. Regardless of this, dietary fats are now key suspects in the link between obesity and infertility in the male fertility subject.

Losing weight and eating well is simply staying healthy can increase your male fertility! And it is a very good thing. It’s not easy, but it benefits you in more than one way. Staying healthy means you’ll have a longer life, and not to mention it’s a great motivation to stay healthy.


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