5 Tips to Help Your Child with ADHD Succeed

Every parent wants their child to live a successful life. Having a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can make it harder to help your child have a successful future, however, it is most definitely possible.

How to Help Your Child With ADHD

1. Communicate with your child’s school and teachers.

Your child’s school and teachers are the biggest part of your child’s academic success. It is of utmost importance that they are aware of your child with ADHD and their specific needs. There are programs already in place for children like yours and they are there to help YOU! A child with ADHD may require extra attention during class time and extra time on assignments and tests. Communication with your child’s school and teachers will allow for the maximum amount of help for your child’s academic future.

2. Create an encouraging homework environment.

Child with ADHD

Help your child be successful academically!

The second part to helping your child with ADHD have a successful academic future is creating an environment at home or at the library that they can concentrate in. Children with ADHD have trouble focusing on their school work. The best place for them to do work, is in a quiet environment with minimal distractions and with adequate resources.

In addition to a quiet environment, organization plays a key role in your child’s success. Studies show that keeping your child with ADHD on a daily routine is tremendously helpful. Have a set time for homework and studying each day, that way your child does not push off studying for other activities. It can be helpful to have them keep a planner full of all of their activities, homework assignments, tests, etc.

Another problem that children with ADHD tend to have is difficulty following instructions. Try writing down instructions for them and/or creating a  to-do list that they can check off when they have completed tasks. This will help your child with ADHD feel a sense of accomplishment and stay focused.

 3. Keep your child active.

Exercise is not only great for the body, but for the mind as well. ADHD often presents with behavioral issues as well as problems concentrating. Having trouble sitting still is a common complaint among parents who have a child with ADHD. Combat this problem by putting your child in sports or having them do errands or play games that involve getting up and moving around. This will take the built-up energy and release it through exercise.

Keeping in mind that what the body does affects the mind; have your child maintain a healthy diet. Try to avoid sugary foods, candy, and caffeinated and sugary beverages. Although these treats may taste good, they can cause your child to have more energy than needed which, in turn, causes difficulty sitting still and difficulty concentrating.

4. Create a behavior plan.

Many children with ADHD have trouble socially as well as academically. This can affect their success in life as well. Determine the social behavior of your child and develop a plan that helps him/her learn to interpret social cues and follow instructions. According to behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner, children will increase or decrease behaviors if they are rewarded or punished. Try giving your child a reward or praise when they are acting according to your will or punishing them when they are misbehaving. This will help your child with ADHD to control their impulsivity, follow instructions, control their inability to sit still, and control their inability to focus.

5. Seek professional help.

Lastly, if you feel like your child with ADHD is still not as successful as possible, seek treatment from a therapist or from a physician. Therapy and medication have both shown positive results in controlling the symptoms of ADHD. For a consultation visit Care Club

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