Why use Apple’s HealthKit?

Apple has launched its new HealthKit program with the IOS 8.0.2 . The app  keeps track of vitals, emergency contacts, food intake, other bodily failures/successes. It gives a current overview of one’s health and organizes all of user’s health information.

What is the HealthKit again?

Healthkit is one of the Apple-made staples (such as the clock, camera, or stock app) that you will never be able to delete from the home screen. A dashboard of data related to health can be viewed by day, week, month, or year.

Health Data

Health Data is a folder within the HealthKit app that contains information categorized into seven categories: body measurements, fitness, me, nutrition, results, sleep, and vitals. There are subcategories within each of the main categories that range from basic to very specific information. Numbers of miles and steps taken each day can be tracked without having to touch an “start” or “stop” button.


Apple’s Healthkit contains a lot of useful resources and trackers, especially located under the Health Data Folder. From the Health Data tab, users are able to select which information they want to pin on Apple’s Healthkit dashboard. Therefore, the user is able to view information they want to focus on instead of receiving a stat in a category they don’t care about.



View of the dashboard located under Health Data Information.

Medical ID

When the app is open, there are four categories displayed on the dashboard, Medical ID is one of them. This category allows users to store important information in the case of a medical emergency. A feature that is very convenient with the Medical ID is that users can enable the Medical ID page to be accessible from the lock screen without the requirement of a passcode or finger scan.

Allergies, medical conditions, medications, blood types, and contact information is stored under Medical ID and is beneficial for emergency situations.


Sources is the final tab and allows users to pool data from fitness bands or monitoring gadgets a user already has and send the information to HealthKit’s database. Apps that include Jawbone UP, MyFitnessPal, and Run with Map My Run.

With all the unique features and benefits, HealthKit can be a transformation for the healthcare industry.


More information on Apple’s Healthkit can be found on their webpage. 

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