Weight loss tips.

For many people,  it is much easier to lose weight than to keep it off.   By just incorporating small things to our daily routine,  weight loss and  healthy  weight can be obtained.

1.   Avoid alcohol and sodas, these drinks are packed with empty calories. It is recommended not to drink calories.

2.   When you feel hungry,  first drink some water to see if you are really hungry or just thirsty.   Many times we mistake thirst  with hunger.

3.    Walking may be the easiest way to lose and keep weight off.   Walking 45 minutes daily burns fat,  while walking 30 minutes will prevent you from gaining weight.

4.    Drink coffee,  not only is it a nice refreshment,  but it is also packed with antioxidants.

5.    Avoid keeping junk food in your home,  try switching it out for healthy foods.    When in a hurry,  you  at least know you will be eating something healthy.

6.   Slow down, take time to properly savor and chew your food. Try maintaining a conversation while eating.

7.  Treat yourself occasionally. This will ensure that you wont over indulge in something that is not so healthy.

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