Iron Supplements, Important Tips for Women

Why are Iron Supplements Important?

You may be asking, “why do I feel fatigue, weakness, or even coldness in my hands or feet?” Iron deficiency may be the cause if you’re not meeting daily suggested values through your diet. Often times, we are boggled down by the selection of multivitamins. One key factor is looking at the labels to ensure there is enough iron supplement. Iron is an essential mineral in our daily diet, especially for pregnant women. It plays a key role in helping red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to our muscles, so it is necessary for development and growth!

Recommended Dietary Intake for Iron

Iron Supplements

Knowing the right values can help you monitor daily levels of intake. The right amount depends on age, so there are different formulas available over the counter. Pregnant women need at least 27 mg of iron. This is necessary to support the baby’s rapid growth and development. Women between the ages of 19 to 50 need 18 mg daily while women above the age of 50 should receive only 8 mg. Those who are at risk of iron deficiency include pregnant women, those who experience heavy menstrual periods, and patients with chronic heart failure or cancer. Female athletes are also encouraged to monitor their iron levels because they engage in routinely intensive exercises. Visit your primary care provider to get screened for iron levels.

Dietary Supplements

Iron is available in many multivitamin supplements found over the counter at your local grocery store. Make sure the formula is especially designed for women or seniors because the required daily value is different. If you’re pregnant, look for prenatal vitamins. Taking one a day doesn’t mean you’re getting the right amount. It is important to read supplement labels to ensure you’re getting the right amount.

Natural foods that are rich in iron can also be added to your diet. Nuts, beans, cereal, and spinach are great sources of iron. Other sources include lean meat and seafood.

For more information on dietary supplement, please visit women’s health.


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