Healthy young looking skin

Dermatologist say that the best way to keep have healthy young looking skin is to protect it from the sun and not smoke.  It is also important to wash and apply moisturizer.

According to a British Association of Dermatologists survey carried out last year, many Britons are unaware that sun protection can help keep healthy young looking skin, believing instead that applying a daily moisturizer, eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and having facial massages will suffice.

The Sun Awareness campaign officer at the Association, Maria Tabou, told the press at the time that such measures will have “nowhere near the anti-ageing impact of sun protection”.

Not only does UV exposure increase a person’s risk of skin cancer, it also affects the elastin in the skin. This leads to wrinkles and sun-induced skin ageing such as leatheriness and blotchy pigmentation.

Healthy young looking skin

Healthy young looking skin

Sun Protection

  1. The sun’s rays do the most damage between 10 am and 4 pm, limit the amount of time spent outside during these times.
  2.  Wear long sleeved shirts, long trousers or pants and a hat with a wide brim. Remember that tight woven fabric like denim offers better protection than loosely woven fabrics.
  3. Use  sunscreen with an SPF higher than 15 and apply generously about 20 minutes before you go out and then every two hours.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Research has shown that smoking alone ages skin. Indy Rihal from the British Skin Foundation told NHS Choices that smoking reduces the skin’s natural elasticity by promoting the breakdown of collagen and also reducing the amount that is produced.

Collagen, a protein that helps skin strength, gradually degrades with age, leading to wrinkles. Smoking causes this to happen sooner and also causes the tiny blood vessels in the skin to tighten, which reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the skin cells receive, which also reduces elasticity and accelerates ageing.

The Mayo Clinic also suggest that exposure to heat from burning cigarettes damages facial skin and that certain smoking behaviors contribute to wrinkles, because of the repetitive facial expressions that smokers make, such as pursing the lips on inhaling and squinting their eyes to keep the smoke out.

Drinking alcohol can make your body and skin dehydrated, leaving the skin looking old and tired. So if you are drinking alcohol drink plenty of water and limit the amounts.

Wash and moisturize for healthy young looking skin

Cleansing is highly important for the skin because it removes dirt and bacteria. It is recommended to cleanse gently with warm water and mild soap. When taking a shower or bath  it is advised to limit the time you spend to 15 minutes or less as too much time in hot water strips oils from your skin. When you have finished try to pat your skin dry so some moisture stays on it. Also, avoid irritating additives such as perfumes and dyes, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Moisturizing is important because it protects the skin from the weather and from drying up and looking dull. It helps your skin maintain its natural moisture levels too, say the Mayo Clinic experts, because it seals in the water already in the skin or slowly release water into the skin.

If you have dry skin avoid alcohol-based products and if you have oily skin avoid oil-based products (use water-based instead). More than half percent of people who wear makeup are damaging their skin by not removing it before they go to bed.

Healthy young looking skin needs good sleep

Sleep is fundamental for healthy skin. Not getting enough  sleep will make your skin look tired and older and with bags under your eyes.

If you need a full skin checkup or have any new skin grows don’t hesitate to contact your family physician. Hopefully these tips will help you have healthy young looking skin.


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