5 unexpected Facebook health benefits

Facebook health benefits are well documented.  There have been numerous university studies that show health benefits in Facebook users, in many ways that you would not expect.

Facebook health benefits, Improved cognition

Recently, the Neuropsychological Society demonstrated that there are improved cognitive abilities when using Facebook.  This is mostly apparent in older adults.  Did you know that 45% of internet users older than 65 use Facebook on a regular basis ?   Preventing dementia is one of the important areas of medical research currently.

Get a self-esteem boost

According to studies at Cornell University and Michigan State University,  individuals noted boosted feelings of self-esteem when posting updates on Facebook.  This is because users are given the opportunity to create an ideal, positive portrayal of who they are.

Weight Loss goals

Posting fitness and weight loss goals online motivates you to accomplish them, more so than not sharing them.  This was evident in several studies.  It’s usually easier to cross the finish line when someone is cheering you on.

Facebook health benefits


 Lower your stress levels


Posting or reading posts on Facebook, according to MIT research, can help you relax, slow down your heart rate and decrease stress.  This was evident in a study of 30 students.


Take a Facebook break

One research group found the taking a 10 minute Facebook break at work makes employees healthier, happier and more productive.  You should let your boss read this ASAP !


Here are some amazing stats about Facebook users  :

  • 1.23 Billion monthly active users
  • Percentage of online adults visiting at least once a month = 72%
  • Size of user data that Facebook stores = 300 petabytes

So, keep posting, connecting and get some Likes, you never know what other health benefits may be discovered.

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