Eye care, 5 tips to protect the gift of sight

Eye Care,  it should be on the top of your to-do list :


Think about how many times each day you use your eyes.  From early morning to the time we go to bed,

we use our eyes  constantly to process information in the world surrounding us.   It makes perfect sense :

Vision is the one we never want to lose.  Let’s get started with great eye care !


eye exam check up optometry

1.    Get an annual eye exam


Doctors of optometry are able to check for many systemic

diseases that could cause problems with your vision.

Make sure you get a complete evaluation every year to

protect your eyesight and keep you seeing everything in high definition.



2.    Wear sunglasses


Protect your eyes from the harmful long-term effects of ultra-violet (UV) light.  The sun’s rays

can cause problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration.  This is even more essential

and  important in children.


3.    Eat healthy,  be healthy


What about eating foods that are high in anti-oxidants ?   Yes,  studies have shown that this

may have a protective effect on the eyes,  and should be a part of your eye care.

Also,  drinking plenty of water can help with dry eye symptoms,  and of course,  smoking is

something that should be discontinued.


4.    Protect your eyes


Certain sports,  such as racquetball, ice hockey, basketball, etc. ,  can lead to eye injuries.

You need to wear eye protection (helmets with protective face mask,  or sports goggles

with lenses made of polycarbonate).


5.    Look away from the computer screen


You’re reading this article on a computer screen or tablet.  So, follow these tips to prevent

eyestrain and headaches.

  • keep your glasses or contact lens prescription up to date
  • make sure you eyes are at the level of the top of your monitor
  • avoid glare on your screen from windows and lights
  • Every 20 minutes,  rest your eyes by looking away for 20 seconds


Don’t forget,  for excellent eye care,  start with your annual eye exam.

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