Exercise While Traveling: Brilliant Tips to Stay in Shape

Keeping a consistent exercise plan while at home is hard enough, how do you exercise while traveling? It will not be as easy as it would be if you are at home but it is definitely possible. Actor/Body Builder Arnold Swarzenegger states that he actually enjoys his exercise while traveling because it shocks his body and makes it work harder.

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Keeping an exercise routine while traveling is possible if you plan ahead.

1. Do your Research

– Plan your agenda ahead of time and pick out times that you have available to work out.

– Research the hotel you are staying in.

> Find out if it has a gym or a pool. If so, utilize these two assets to exercise while traveling. Their gym may not be quite like yours at home, however, you can improvise to keep a regular exercise routine.

> If the hotel you are staying in does not have a gym, plan ahead and pack exercise equipment such as athletic clothing, a jump rope, tennis racket, exercise video, or yoga mat that will help you work out in your room. you may also consider walking up and down the stairs in your hotel.

– Research other amenities around the area you will be staying.

> Find out if there are any walking paths, mountains, lakes, etc. around to get outside and exercise at.

> Check local gyms for guest passes that you can use to exercise while traveling.

> Plan site-seeing and other activities that involve walking.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

The body does not like drastic changes, if you generally eat a healthy diet at home, maintain that same diet while traveling. This will help your body work its best and help you to feel your best.

Exercise While on a Road Trip or Vacation

Exercising while on a vacation or on a road trip can be slightly more challenging if you are not staying in a hotel. If you are staying in a hotel, follow the same tips above for exercise while traveling for business.

1. Do your research

Similar to staying in hotel, it is imperative that you know the area you are staying at.

– Research areas you can hike, ride a bicycle, run, walk, or swim at.

> All of these will help you keep your heart rate up and stay in shape. Studies show that if you exercise while on vacation, you will feel more relaxed than you would otherwise. If you stop your good habits of exercising and eating healthy while on vacation, you will feel more tired than you were before.

2. Take Breaks

– While you are traveling to your destination take breaks to get up and walk around or do some jumping jacks.

– Traveling by plane: Walk around the airport while waiting for your departure.

– Traveling by car: Stop every couple of hours to get up walk around and do a few jumping jacks.

– Traveling by train: Get up every couple of hours to walk around the cars or get off the train while passengers are loading and  unloading.

3. Plan Ahead

– Make a commitment  before hand to exercise while traveling.

– Pack accordingly: Bring work out clothing and shoes, jump ropes, light dumbbells, yoga mats, swimsuits, etc. Anything you think you will need for your work out routine.

– Come up with a routine that does not involve equipment.

All of these tips will help you to exercise while traveling and keep your body healthy. For further guidance see a doctor at Care Club. Visit Care Club to get a consultation today!

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