Diabetes medication may help the brain

New research has discovered that the diabetes medication Metformin may do more than just help with control your sugar level. It is believed to help protect the brain from dementia.

People with type 2 diabetes have a higher risk of developing dementia compared to someone without diabetes, according to the study. Even though diabetes is such a significant risk factor for dementia, the researchers found that there was little research on the effect of diabetes medications on dementia risk.

Metformin makes muscle tissue more responsive to insulin, a hormone necessary for sugar (glucose) to get into the body’s cells and tissues to provide fuel. It also decreases the amount of glucose made in the liver.

The research also showed that Metformin may be contribute to the  development of new brain cells.  It has also been linked to a reduction in inflammation.

Insulin promotes the survival of certain nerve cells. A drug such as metformin, which is an insulin sensitizer in the body, may also be an insulin sensitizer in the brain.

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