7 Tips for Coping with Hot Flashes

A hot flash, occasionally called hot flush, is a sudden feeling of heat. You may feel them coming on slowly or appear unexpectedly. During a hot flash, you may experience rapid heartbeat, sudden feeling of heat spreading to your face and upper body, skin reddening, sweating, and it may leave you chilled as well. There are a few factors that cause them these include “changes in reproductive hormones and in your body’s thermostat (hypothalamus), which becomes more sensitive to slight changes in body temperature.” However, other conditions can cause hot flashes, more regularly are because of menopause. The occurrence of hot flashes varies from each woman. There are a variety of tips for coping with hot flashes.

1. Stay Calm7 Tips for Coping with Hot Flashes

Stress is one of the causes of hot flashes. Coping with stress can be done by taking deep, slow breaths. A great idea would be to set aside 15 minutes everyday to practice deep breathing. Doing yoga can be a great way to deal with hot flashes.

2. Cool Down

Make sure you leave the fan or air conditioner on while sleeping especially during the summer. Wearing clothing with thin material to prevent from sweating and leading up to a hot flash.  A great idea would be to use cotton sheets in the summer.

3. Stay Hydrated 7 Tips for Coping with Hot Flashes

If you are frequently experiencing hot flashes, it is very important to avoid dehydration. You also lose more fluid when you are sweating. Drink 8-ounce glasses of fluid everyday to stay hydrated. Even mild dehydration can build up to a hot flash.

4. Healthy Lifestyle

According to the Fox News, “exercising regularly may help with hot flashes as well as reduce the risk of serious postmenopausal health concerns like heart disease and osteoporosis.” Stop smoking because it can worsen hot flashes and damage your lungs. Maintaining a  healthy body weight and eating healthy meals to get the proper nutrients is a great way to cope with hot flashes.

5. Dress Appropriately

It’s best to stay away from wool and and synthetics especially in the summer. Comfortable clothing that are lose-fit made from cotton, rayon, or linen are great to wear because they are thin especially when you are avoiding hot flashes. Wearing tight fitted clothes can cause heat flashes.

6. Acupuncture

Another possibility of medicine is acupuncture, some studies have shown that it minimizes hot flashes. 

7. Herb and Oil Relief 7 Tips for Coping with Hot Flashes

Black Cohosh, Red Clover, Dong Quai and Evening Primrose oil are very beneficial with hot flashes. “The popularity of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) comes and goes, but for some women whose hot flashes are debilitating and greatly affect the quality of their life, it may be an option.”


References: Mayo Clinic, Healthline


-Reema Patel

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